Guillaume DUMORTIER                                       CEO at The Growth Concierge

Guillaume DUMORTIER                                     CEO at The Growth Concierge

I'm a marketing executive with 12 years experience in the tech, telco, retail, and CPG industries. I consulted and worked for high-profile companies (Bouygues , L’Oréal, Red Bull, Danone, Chanel, Kering) as well as thriving venture-backed startups (Algolia, Kwarter) and agencies (Oxygen, ChoYou, Revsquare, Rebellion Lab / Fabernovel).

I've spent 11 years in Silicon Valley where I was first responsible for scouting new innovations and develop new business opportunities in mobile, media, and tech for Bouygues Telecom and TF1 — part of the Bouygues Group. $32B revenue in 2015).

Almost two years ago, I founded The Growth Concierge, a growth marketing boutique that helps startups get early traction, find product/market fit, refine and map their ideal user profiles, and activate their acquisition channels. I've spoken on the topic of Growth Marketing extensively around San Francisco and Paris as a mentor for high-profile acceleration and training programs (Startup Leadership Program, GrowthX Academy, HAX, The Refiners, SenseCube).

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge as a mentor and also as a MBA-program teacher in Entrepreneurship (ESCEN) for the past 5 years with a 15-hour graduating curriculum about Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship.