Negative Keywords

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What is Negative Keywords?

A negative keyword is a word or phrase that’s irrelevant to your campaign and you do not want to target in your ad.

It’s crucial to account for negative keywords because you don’t want to pay for terms that will never convert into sales.

Every search engine advertiser should be using negative keywords in their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and/or Ad Groups.

Use them to narrow your targeting, it can save you a lot of money.

Stop Paying for Unwanted Traffic

Anyone using the negative keyword in their search will not see your ad.

Maybe a little example will help you better understand this:

Imagine you are selling luxury ballpoint pens. At a minimum of a hundred bucks a pop, someone looking for “cheap” pens is not going to want to see your high-class writing implement. And buying a whole pack of them? Probably not, so add “bulk” to the list of negative keywords

Example of Negative Keywords:

—> Your want to prevent your ads from being shown to people looking for classes and education:

You’ll Use:


For every business, you can find your own, otherwise you can pick some existing one in our open source list.

—> Open source basic negative keywords list

—> 200 Plus Negative Keywords to consider for b2b ppc

Keyword Shitter Tool

An other solution is to use Keyword shitter tool.

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Keyword Shitter tool will allow you to remove negative Keywords from your initial match search.

So by narrowing your match type, you’ll get more relevant impressions, but decreased volume.

To use this tool:

1° Tap your main keyword

2° Hit “shit Keywords” and let the tool work, after a few seconds, click “Stop Job”

3° On the Bottom, write down the negative keywords you want to remove from the first search.

4° Click on “Start job again'“

5° Download your list and import it in your Adword campaign.

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Optimization always begins with a clear understanding of what’s working (and what’s not…).

In the first few days of a campaign launching, look for irrelevant search terms that are triggering your ads and add the terms to your campaign as well as your master list of negative keywords

In other words, remove anything that’s getting high impressions and low clicks.

Optimize your list on an ongoing basis regardless of if you have any campaigns running.

Do this for a few minutes per week.

Remember that it can save you a lot of Money ;-)